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Thanks for visiting. Right now we’re featuring Green Leaf. A book I wrote in 2009. I hope it encourages the 'streets' to read and I hope it encourages them to write. Please enjoy your short time here, and I hope you return.

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“D*** this book is full of action. It kept me hooked. I didn’t know you had it in you, Preast. Sorry I doubted you.”



-RICKY RAINMAN (Sacramento)



 I was born in Monroe, Louisiana, and have lived in California, Minnesota, and Iowa. I have traveled nearly all of the United States. My experiences, good and bad, helped to develop a deep thinking, creative, and imaginative man. More on this in the About section.

  I wanted to write something that would compel the 'streets' to read and maybe write their own stories, as they have some very interesting events to share. I'm hoping to inspire them and remind them of their buried talents, thus benefiting society; so I chose the genre Urban Fiction.

  Please support me in my growth as an author and film-maker by making purchases and sharing links to this website. Thank you.