What People Are Saying

“Green Leaf is a book that goes really really hard.”


— David P. Johnson (Virginia)

“I see the North! Wonderful job on the book. I want my autographed copy ‘cause brother you ‘bout to blow up! Eat your heart out Donald Goines.”


— Mike Man (Jersey)

I love this book. The character Baby Spank goes hard, feel me. Real talk. Good luck O.G. Do it from Cali to Minnesota.”


— M. Shields (Los Angeles)

“Damn this book is full of action. It kept me hooked. I didn’t know you had it in you, Preast. Sorry I doubted you.”


— Ricky Rainman (Sacramento)

“Put us on the map then, King Larry! The story is very good, Norf. It seems real. Way to go my dude. Norf Norf!!!”


— Bobby Stevenson (Minneapolis)

“Wow, Hucc is an amazing lover. Did all that come from you? Great detail. Great story. Two thumbs up.”

— Terri Mayfield (Oakland)

“Baby Spank is my favorite character. Good job, Larry.”


— Jody Pollard (Sioux City)