SARAH HELD THE HUGE KNIFE firmly behind her slim back, as the pimp advanced towards her.

“You thought you could leave me, bitch? I bust a cap in that nigga, now I’m about to bust your ass, hoe, and you’re still gonna get me that hoe money! Even if I gotta shove my arm up your ass and work you like a puppet. Your soul belongs to Jesus but the pussy belongs to Me.” the pimp scolded Sarah, as he raised his heavy cane to strike her. Before he could make  contact,  Sarah  brought  the  eight-inch  blade high. She let it pause in mid air for a moment, glimpsing the terror in the pimp’s cold dark eyes.

“What the fuck… bitch, you’re gonna stab me?!” were the pimp’s last words. The next sound from the Black man’s mouth was a terrifying scream, as  Sarah brought the knife down hard. It plunged deep into his neck, sending blood splatter in flight, and etching the motel room walls. Spots of it found its position on the pimp’s horrified face.

She raised the bloody knife again and plunged it deep into his chest, slicing his left ventricle, as he tried to dodge the assault, screaming. His big pretty hat fell from his head. His long perm flailed wildly, as it covered his eyes, preventing him from seeing Sarah’s blood stained face.

The pimp stumbled, as his cane fell to the hard carpet with a thud verifying its weight. Terror widened his eyes. Gurgling sounds proceeded from his mouth with bubbles of blood, as Sarah wielded the butcher’s knife once more, piercing his cold heart again. The pimp collapsed to the floor next to his elaborately designed cane. Blood soaked his torso and his colorful clothing, as it flowed from his heart, concealing his gold chains. It did not take long before his heart stopped beating. Imagine the horror of young Sarah seeing the lifeless body lay in a bright puddle of blood with eyes wide open.

The huge bloody knife made a thump, as it fell to the floor. Sarah fell to her knees next to it and began sobbing uncontrollably. Suddenly, loud obtrusive knocking on the battered door startled her.

“What’s going on in there? I called the cops!” it was the manager.

Moments later, the Fridley Police arrived. It was at least five cars. In the darkness, the motel’s parking lot appeared brightly lit from their powerful bright beams. Motel guests began gathering, as the police tried to determine what was going on.

When the motel manager opened the door, they stood in the doorway, shocked by the horrible sight of the gory scene. The pimp’s lifeless body lying face up in a huge pool of blood with eyes wide open, and the blood stained walls, floor and dresser was too much for the Iranian manager. One hand clutched his tubby stomach while the other flew over his mouth to catch the vomit that threatened to burst forth, as he raced out of the doorway in hopes of making it to a nearby garbage can.

One of the cops spotted the bloody knife lying on the floor next to Sarah who was still sobbing. It lay partially covered with vomit from the young prostitute’s stomach, which spewed as a subsequent result of adrenaline and the grossness of so much blood.

The police entered cautiously with their guns drawn. One of the officers asked, “Ma’am anyone else in the room?” as another kicked away the knife, putting it out of Sarah’s reach.

Sarah did not respond. She just sat there; kneeled on the floor with her head down, sobbing. Her face was hidden by her long blond blood-stained hair.

After securing the scene and making sure no one else was there, the Fridley police began to realize the situation. They quickly determined that a prostitute murdered her pimp.

“Ma’am, are you hurt?” the young White officer asked the sobbing girl. However, Sarah did not reply nor look up. She only continued to sob.

“I’m gonna need you to stand up and tell us what happened.” the nice officer tried again.

After getting no reply, a pot-bellied officer said, “Miss, you’re gonna have to come down to the station with us.”

Sarah looked up. Her blond hair lay matted to her face as a culminating result of perspiration and blood, for parts of it were streaked with the pimp’s blood. Vomit was around her mouth and nose. Her blue eyes stared, swimming in their sockets before the young prostitute faded from consciousness.


“A young girl murdered a man late this evening at a Fridley motel on Central Ave. Apparently she was attacked by her pimp. The victim was a Black male. Police have not released the identity of the deceased man, as they are awaiting notification of the victim’s family. The young girl, a 17-year-old run-away is Sarah Jacobs. According to our sources, she’s had several brushes with police for prostitution and shoplifting. Police have not issued a statement but says that for now, the young run-away is booked into the Hennepin County Jail for Second  Degree Murder but charges could go up to First Degree or dropped to Involuntary Manslaughter as the investigation progresses. This is Caroline Lowe for WCCO Channel 4 News.”

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