As a young teen I wrote a play and my peers and I acted it out. It was fun and the experience left a piece of encouragement that always stayed with me. I decided to do it again, later in life. So I wrote my first screenplay in 2005 titled “The Contract”. As the characters formed they became based on everybody around me; an early effort and intent to offer something productive to my peers. However, ultimately I moved away, back to Cali. Subsequently, the screenplay developed into a manuscript. Upon moving back here to the "North", I decided to do a movie. And what triggered that decision is what was in my heart to do something that would involve our communities.

There is so much disparity in the hood. So much despair in those who had hopes and dreams growing up and ended up dropping out of school as those hopes and dreams faded. I want to give people hope and an alternative. We are all actors in some way; adapting to situations as they come. A mechanism essential for survival. I figure it would be good to give people something to do. Particularly those who stay at home and can give details to every Maury Show, Steve Wilkos Show, and so forth. This effort could give people another chance at being innovative. An opportunity for a reawakening. Which could benefit the individual, us as a collective, and ultimately society.

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I was raised in northeastern Louisiana. In a community comprised of full families and several elderly widows and widowers; those who are nowadays forgotten by many. Lots of children, and clouds forming whatever shapes we can imagine. Everything seemed to be organic. Every family on the block knew the names of everyone on the block. The sounds of laughter and joy were reoccurring themes in neighborhoods across the country as children played all the old classic childhood games. Times have changed. People have changed. Which means, things change. I want to help facilitate some of that change.

In this day and age people are losing sight of all that’s good. Now drama and violence are respected more than peace and calm. The two seem to get our attention very quickly. I hope to get the attention of the streets and those in prison. I hope to inspire them to join forces with people who want to do better, not just for themselves but for their community.


There are so many ideas. So many projects to form that could rebuild character and reinstate confidence. As well as many other quality traits.

One project that I choose to begin with is filming. Bringing together a cast comprised of those who are considered failures by those who think they are better than others and filming movie after movie after movie on the streets of the Twin Cities will spark a whole new interest in life that was once forgotten. Members of our communities seeing realtime filming in public, being productive and having fun doing something positive on our streets, something they can easily be a part of, could spark a wave of effort to unite as so much more potential to do bigger things develops.

I encourage you to share this with your family and friends. Post this web address on your social media sites. I hope to hear from you. And I hope to hear from your family and friends. Felonious Films returning soon.

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